Maintain your car properly

How do I change my car?

To avoid friction between the metal parts that make up an engine, which damage this block, they require oil. However,…

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When to overhaul your car?

A small wear and tear on a part of your car can turn into a disaster when you don’t do…

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Car washing, more than an aesthetic necessity

Cleaning your car may seem like a purely aesthetic act that you can do without. However, it must be recognized…

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Box, parking or garage, where to put your car to sleep?

Box, garage or parking are terms that are inevitably used when looking for a place to sleep in your car….

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How to find a reliable garage to maintain your vehicle?

You only have one idea in mind when you find yourself in a mess with your car that breaks down,…

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How to maintain the plastics of your car?

Inside and out, plastics are very present in a car. They easily take dust, various types of dirt and scratches….

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