How to maintain the plastics of your car?

Inside and out, plastics are very present in a car. They easily take dust, various types of dirt and scratches. Fortunately, their maintenance is possible that even the owner himself can carry it out and thanks to the following cleaning system with some tips in the meantime.

Dashboard dusting

In addition to the black colour of the dashboard, like all the plastics in a car, there is a part where the dust remains very visible. As this is an area full of small openings, they are easy to install, so the use of a toothbrush is more convenient to remove dust. As for the areas near the windshield and doors, a damp cloth solves the dust problems between the windows and the plastics well, the best in this task is to use a microfibre cloth. The first maintenance for all plastics in the car is vacuuming. In a methodical way, the places where the buttons are located should be vacuumed first using the brush tip.

Plastic preservation

Depending on the case, a simple trick to make the interior plastics of your car shine is to use a clean cloth soaked in fabric softener, a simple rubbing with softness is enough. If they have stains, add alcohol and rub with a microfibre to remove them. Otherwise, in order to restore their shine, the renovating gel or polish is perfectly suitable. It is simply necessary to start with the dirtiest parts, such as the lower parts of each door. For the finish, a well wrung out sponge is used to rinse them before wiping them with a chamois leather. Not only does an application of wax protect them at the end, it also makes them shiny.

Cleaning of external plastics

For proper cleaning of plastic bumpers and mirrors, they should first be washed throughout the car to remove sludge and heavy dirt that can affect them. Since these plastics react to the sun, it is better to dry your car in a sheltered place, and even better to wash it in temperate and cloudy weather. Insects can also leave unsightly and often difficult to remove traces in bumpers. To remove these marks, soak a cloth in a mixture of water and baking soda before putting it in a sticky stocking and rubbing it with fingerprints. After all these steps, it is time to protect them with the external protective ranges.
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