How to renovate a bodywork?

The first impression we make of a car is the care we give it externally, it is not a matter of customizing it but just to renovate the bodywork, to restore its beauty. Here is how to remove scratches, how to make colours uniform, how to restore its shine, of course you must first remove all dirt.

Well to arrow it

To remove all the dirt stuck even in the frame part, a water jet is useful, just use a garden hose. For the most stubborn use a soft brush that you will connect to the latter. Then, go to shampooing with a special car product added in a bucket of water, do not forget to rinse the glove in another bucket of water after each visit to the bodywork, the idea is to remove the remains of dirt that may scratch it. The trick to remove small insects is vinegar and for tars, White Spirit will do, no need to use aggressive products such as cleaning wipes. Once all these steps have been completed, all you must do is rinse with a jet before drying with the chamois cloth.

Deal with minor paint damage

No matter how much you clean your car, the scratched parts of the door due to the impact with concrete or any other scratches are missing in your efforts.  Depending on the depth of this common damage you will use special polish "erases scratches" for visible features. On the other hand, for quite marked scratches, apply paint stick with an ultra-fine brush to avoid weighing it down. Use the colour of the same reference that is usually under the hood and put two or three layers without making it too thick, the idea is to make these areas uniform with the original paint. That's why in case the metal appears, you can use rust inhibitor first.

Clean the bumper

Giving shine to the weathered plastic bumper is the use of motor oil without specification. Simply pour a few quantities on a cloth and apply it. For it to work perfectly, it is necessary to rub in a circle all along the support. This solution is an action to blacken the plastic in this case, which is why for an impeccable result, doing the same thing again without using oil is the last step. To effectively nourish it, there is Plastic renovator product, and another specifically dedicated to the hulls of fibber boats. The latter is well suited to remove the yellow colour this plastic part under the effect of UV and snow because of its ease of infiltration into the interior of the material.
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