Can you remove a scratch on your car?

Despite the great care taken with his car, these streaks caused by friction, a door pushed down on a surface or a simple scratch arrive now when you least expect it. Fortunately, there are some erasing tips that you will find through this article, you will also discover through your reading what is so special about the service of a professional.


After a scratch, a white trace appears on the paint on your car's body. It has indeed suffered a deep scratch that could eventually rust in this area without immediate intervention. In this case, you have two options when you entrust the restoration of the damaged area to a body shop painter for fear of further damage. Either you are offered the fast and cheap service called "Smart repair" which is not recommended in relation to its efficiency over time. The second option, on the other hand, is to completely redo the painting in this area, a more recommended solution for a result that is both effective and durable.

Scratches to be removed yourself

You may have already heard of the polish designed to remove the traces left by your key, your ring or simply a branch on your bodywork? Its effectiveness is limited just too shallow scratches, those that are just on the top layer between the 4 of a metallic colour currently used. Thus, it eliminates those that are on the varnish and it will no longer have any effect on the coloured base, nor on the filler layer and even less on the primer. Easy to recognize, these other layers appear when you see a different colour after rubbing. Before using the product, you should first read the instructions carefully to avoid the worst.

Other means of removing scratches

Polish is only suitable for superficial scratches, just like repair kits, but a trick also used by motorists for this type of scratches is toothpaste. The latter also offers a good result thanks to the abrasive particles it contains. On the other hand, for the limit of these solutions, we have created the retouching pen, which is a camouflage system. As the most common first method, it is available in different colours depending on the colour reference on the hood of each car. It should only be noted that since this is a deep scratch, it is better to sand and even better to get rid of rust if it starts to form, before using it on one coat only.
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