Box, parking or garage, where to put your car to sleep?

Box, garage or parking are terms that are inevitably used when looking for a place to sleep in your car. In order to find the right one, knowing their differences is essential. Both have their own advantages that deserve attention. Here are the main points to know about these 3 locations.

Box, for more adaptability

A box is a closed area with walls and a door. What is motivating with this mode of location is the possibility of adding other objects such as furniture whether yours is purchased or rented, some can even contain two cars. In addition to the storage space you can have, it is also known for its safety in relation to the second door after the main entrance as it is in an underground car park that gives access to other users. It even happens that some operators in the rental of boxes offer them with remote monitoring. It is indeed made for those who the cost is not an obstacle and since it can accommodate other goods, it is better to take out theft and fire insurance for example.

Parking, the cheapest solution

Underground or elevated, a car park can be private or public, or even private but used by the public to park their vehicle. Without wall delimitation but with floor markings only, it is intended for daily use and designed specifically for motor vehicles. Even if it is the most affordable solution of the 3 places to park your car, as it can be covered or in the open air, the risk of theft is more common only it is practical. To reassure their customers, some professionals in parking rental set up their secure, covered and sometimes valet parking spaces a few steps from stations, airports or traffic areas.

Garage, for more security

Unlike parking, a garage is both a closed space and surrounded by walls and unlike a box, it is outside with a door. Located in a completely private setting, it is part of a real estate property before the law that the operator uses it as a rental pays a tax, which is one of the reasons why renting or buying this location is expensive. As for fire insurance, it has therefore been regulated by the decree of 31/01/1986 relating to residential buildings. Always about legislation, before renting it, an inventory of fixtures is required and is attached to a rental contract. In any case, it is the most comfortable choice as a covered and secure parking lot.
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