How do I change my car?

To avoid friction between the metal parts that make up an engine, which damage this block, they require oil. However, after about 10,000km to 30,000km depending on the vehicle, the latter eventually becomes soiled, loses its effectiveness and evaporates. Continuing to drive with used oil leads to engine failure, which is why it is important to change the oil. Here's how to do it!

Using a manual drain kit

Before any action, to ensure that the oil has a good temperature and becomes fluid, heat the engine for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then raise the car with a jack and secure the front with two candles to prevent it from moving.  Let's start with the actual action by first removing the plastic protection from the base. Before opening the housing cap, it is necessary to place the tray just below it. Once the cap is removed, the oil from the crankcase and filter will spill and, in the meantime, take this opportunity to replace the oil filter. When the oil no longer flows, it is time to put the cap back in its place, the car flat and pour in new oil.

With a drain pump

A more practical solution is to drain with a pump, everything is done through the oil filler cap. Therefore, to be able to insert the suction hose at the gauge shaft, first remove the gauge or plug depending on the version. If the pumping lever is fluid, there is always oil, it is simply important to thread the hose gradually according to its level. To ensure its total recovery, a single action consisting of shaking the suction pipe is enough. The residues are completely removed by pouring a glass of oil and letting it run for one minute before pumping again. Only then can the filter be replaced, and the new oil poured in.

How to replace the oil filter?

The filter is replaced by a claw or strap wrench to loosen it so that the oil empties before removing it. Check the seal for remaining adhesion to the substrate when cleaning the substrate that meets the filter. This is the procedure for changing a complete block, but if it is necessary to replace a filter cartridge, once the cover has been unscrewed, remove it, then remove the filter and replace the seals after lubricating the new ones. This last action is always recommended before inserting a new filter in its place. As for the contaminated oils in your car, it is not advisable to leave it in the wild, these hazardous wastes should be handed over to the energy recovery centres.
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