When to overhaul your car?

A small wear and tear on a part of your car can turn into a disaster when you don't do periodic maintenance, you don't even know it exists. If instead of changing the timing belt, we end up repairing the engine. Should it be revised after a certain period or according to the maintenance logbook? What about ongoing audits? Explanation!

What the maintenance logbook says about it

Provided by the manufacturer, a maintenance logbook contains all the technical instructions, the time and the repetition of the revisions, the first of which will be carried out 2 years after its entry into service. It provides information on the condition of the car in terms of suspension, air, braking and steering. Transmission, exhaust, electricity, cooling and engine are obviously part of it.  It also retains the manufacturer's warranty of approximately 2 years, which allows the manufacturer to take charge of repairing any possible malfunctions related to the manufacturing defect. Once this period has passed, any repair is the responsibility of the owner, hence the importance of regular revision.

According to mileage

This maintenance logbook also shows the maximum mileage between two successive overhauls. Since it is based on the specificities of each vehicle, one model is different from another and a gasoline engine does not resemble a diesel engine, the cyclic control varies from one car to another from 15,000km to 30,000km. However, another criterion that comes into play in this periodic check is the age of the car, so the one that has driven 20,000 km for its first four years must follow the two-year period. A time interval that will not be respected because it is common to go through a general overhaul before making a long journey in order to avoid any breakdown along the way.

Very frequent checks

A car is serviced every 2 years, however, in the meantime, every 2 months, it mainly requires regular checks of the coolant, oil and windshield washer fluid levels. This frequency also affects tire pressure and wear, care that goes hand in hand with that of every 8 months for oil change, including changing the oil filter. These are not the only maintenance operations during this period, including replacing wiper blades, checking brake discs, battery and all lights. The idea is not only to preserve the longevity of the car but also to avoid any risk of damaging life.
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