Car washing, more than an aesthetic necessity

Cleaning your car may seem like a purely aesthetic act that you can do without. However, it must be recognized that car washing is a health issue if not to maintain a more durable bodywork or to drive safely. After all, what's wrong with being behind the wheel of a car as as it is flamboyant? Explanation!

A hygienic process

Wherever your car takes you, as soon as you step outside to enjoy the beach or nature in the heart of the forest, once you return inside, your shoes bring back dust, leaves or sand. These tiny particles, including crumbs when you enjoy a small snack, accumulate in the carpet and promote the formation of bacteria and fungi. It also means that items that come in direct contact with your hands, such as the steering wheel or door handles, can cause illness. By making the exterior shinier and restoring the smell of freshness once the seats and carpets have been treated, you are taking care of your health.

A prevention

If dirt and bad smells form inside your car making it a nest of microbes, on the outside it is leaves, mud, pollen and pollutants in the atmosphere that make up a veil attacking your bodywork. Scratches become favourable places where they can become embedded, which is the reason for the rust present under the influence of humidity. These are not the only elements that are housed in the chassis and rims because chemical elements such as hydrocarbon residues, iron, lead or nickel stick to the bodywork. Under the effect of rain, they detach themselves from the car to reach the runoff and go into the groundwater, in short, they will be scattered in nature.

More safety

No matter how your car is washed, in a high-pressure station, by roller or at home, it is obvious that this action removes mud, dust and other dirt from mirrors, windows and windscreens. This cleaning not only removes dirt from these areas dedicated to visibility but also from the various lights and signs in order to have a clear view and to be better seen. It is therefore necessary to choose to clean your car frequently to be sure to drive in the best possible safety measures, including the cleanliness of these areas. In short, the maintenance of your car certainly involves mechanical parts and its beautiful appearance can make the difference a priori.
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