When to contact your insurance company in case of breakdown?

A breakdown is now preceded by a warning, but any driver can face a simple puncture to a breech incident at any time, despite the regular care provided to his car. A question comes to mind in the event of such a situation, should you contact your convenience store or car insurance first? But why? Why?

Contact your insurance company immediately

If you are off the expressways and motorways in the event of a claim, contacting your insurer first has many advantages, except to take advantage of your assistance coverage. As this is one of the optional protections of a car insurance allowing to have a coverage of the repair of the damage occurred to the vehicle, it can save until the replacement of the latter. In any case, calling your company is a life-saving gesture since it will provide the driver with contact with the authorized garage operator closest to where the failure occurs. The idea is to be able to benefit from the repair, the costs of which are borne by the company.

Assistance in car insurance

The subscription to the assistance coverage thus aids only it varies according to the company. One thing is certain, it can be offered with a mileage deductible as well as assistance in all circumstances. This also implies the variety of breakdowns with which you must contact your insurer, including problems with the key, theft, fuel error, glass breakage and accident, according to the terms of the contract. Assistance services subsequently include troubleshooting and towing. To the extent that it is necessary to repatriate your car, usually a replacement car will be provided for the duration of the repair in addition to accommodation during the trip.
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