How does car insurance handle my breakdown?

Once the manufacturer's warranty has expired, any charge related to a mechanical or electrical failure of his car has a significant impact on his portfolio. That's why it's possible to get a hand in repairing, towing or repatriating the car to your home according to your insurance contract.

Assistance guarantee: a handling of the breakdown

Varying according to the company, assistance coverage is a financial, logistical or even medical assistance provided to an insured person by his car insurance policy in the event of a breakdown, bodily injury or material accident. As this is an extension of coverage, it is accompanied by various services according to the formula subscribed. In any case, it covers the insurer's minimum support with a separate 24-hour service and is automatically in force in most policies for a claim occurring 50 km from home. That's why, to benefit from it even a few steps from home, you must subscribe to a 0km assistance guarantee for a car that has been in use for 7 to 10 years.

Coverage and services

If the vehicle cannot be stopped due to a mechanical breakdown, the insurer takes charge of the breakdown service and towing as long as the driver has the good idea to call him first as soon as the damage occurs. This phone call means an intervention on the site of a specialized company. As for the motorist and his passengers, they will also have to be paid for their travel to their hotel or home. According to the clause, the assistance applies during a trip abroad in the sense that it is necessary to use the repatriation of the vehicle. In short, an auto assistance coverage includes providing the insured with a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair but excludes the cost of repair. Opt for good assistance When taking out insurance, it is advisable to check the usefulness or otherwise of certain offers contained therein. Therefore, the 0km assistance coverage is the most advantageous of this category since it notes the insurer's responsibility to help from 0km around the insured's home. Playing this privilege means a subscription made for frequent travel in the immediate environment although the subscription is less expensive for assistance within a 50km radius of home. As for a hardened traveller, it is first necessary to ensure the maximum amount that the insurance can cover in terms of repatriation costs and the possible exclusion of passengers.
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