What is towing?

Having a car problem on the road is always unpleasant and the solutions at hand are not always obvious. There are generally 2 choices, either the motorist gets by being towed by another Samaritan motorist or by using the services of a towing convenience store. What are the steps of towing if you decide to get out on your own compared to the services of a tugboat and what are the best methods to tow a vehicle?

Which services for a professional?

If you have a problem on the road, the best solution is to call a breakdown service specialist. A professional will handle minor problems such as a flat tire, a fuel shortage or unlocking a door. He can also take care of resuscitating your battery and getting your car out of a ditch or stuck on any surface. And if you have used an auto repair company to help you, the drivers are mechanically competent enough to do the repairs immediately without the need to take the car to the garage. If you would like to know more about towing and auto repair companies, visit www.hakmadepann.com

Tow in 5 steps

Drivers of road vehicles must be equipped with removable bars and a tow rope. The first step to perform a car self-help is to find a motorist who will agree to tow the broken-down car, then connect the 2 vehicles through the towing rings (the location of the ring varies according to the make and model of the vehicle). The movement only takes place when the drivers have established a well-defined sign language, the driver of the towed car must keep the rope taut by pressing the brake pedal. Finally, in order to ensure safety and warn road users, the tug and the broken-down car must also switch on their distress lights.

Tow with safety

Carry out the towing of a vehicle by yourself or with the assistance of a professional requires the application of safety rules to prevent an accident in a relatively minor situation. Towing methods are diverse and can be achieved with straps, a tow truck or through the rental of a flatbed trailer. In the end, car towing is an action that can be managed by the experienced driver or, better still, by a professional.
Is it allowed to tow a vehicle?

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