What to do in case of a flat tire?

One of the main causes of breakdowns is punctures. It is usually solved by changing the punctured tire with a spare tire. Moreover, this simpler technique is often learned during the code of conduct and the use of the professional is avoidable by having a cake, a complete wheel or a puncture-proof bomb. Here's how to do it.

Change the wheel

Of course, if you are driving, you need to be safe when you park. After taking all safety precautions such as wearing a vest and placing the triangle upstream, lift your car with the jack. When the wheel can roll without rubbing the ground, use the crank with the 17 mm or 19 mm wrench depending on your car, starting by slowly unscrewing the nuts. By replacing it with a cake or wheel of the same model, you can drive to a specialist like hakmadepann.com, only with the first one you should not exceed 80km/h. This tire repair professional will examine the punctured wheel and consider the possibility of a repair.

Puncture-proof bomb

You notice the damage on your tire whether it is getting out of your garage or driving, you can always repair it temporarily with a puncture-proof bomb. Be aware that you can operate there if the damage is not significant enough only it may damage the pressure sensors. Once the product is injected into the tire through the valve, it re-inflates. Before going to a tire repair professional in Paris, if you are in the area, first balance your wheels at the nearest service station. Remember to check the time before repair on the tube and drive carefully at limited speed.

Use of a professional

It is possible to call upon a specialist in repairing flat tires at home if you are not equipped. In the event that your wheel explodes, in the rare cases after 70,000 km and you are on a motorway, you have little choice but to be rescued by the approved emergency service offered by the police service that has taken charge of your call via an emergency call point. Your insurer can certainly provide you with a convenience store company that works closely with them, only for your safety it should arrive within 15 minutes. Even if your situation allows you to park on the emergency station, you are not allowed to stay there for only 30 minutes.
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