The best way to rent a car in the UK


Poor customer services, unforeseen insurance expenses, other charges are some of the problems related to private car rental. But, there is no better way to immerse yourself in a historic city and discover vast and stunning coastlines than using car hire. However, you can only enjoy the ride after accessing the best peer to peer car rental UK deal.

Fortunately, on the website, which is a car sharing UK website, you can find excellent car deals. The platform is a peer to peer-based, and the renter doesn't have to subscribe to anything. The platform has so much to offer, and you can enjoy a ride in the car of your dream that is easily accessible since there are thousands available in your local area.

Booking your Car Rental

The first step of getting the best peer to peer car rental is comparing the prices of various cars and confirming what the price entails. Remember, one deal can be all-inclusive while another is not. Secondly, check what the insurance policy covers and whether it covers tires and windscreen.

Another thing to consider is fuel policy. Some companies give you a car with a full tank or half and want you to return it empty with no refund for the fuel not used. Ensure the policy works well with you. Another thing to consider is the one-way fee, especially if you don't plan to return the car at the same point you picked it. Find out whether the private care hire has age restriction considering some companies restrict specific high-performance vehicles to particular age brackets. Finally, double-check the car mileage and proceed to book the car several months or days before the day you need it.

Collecting Your Rental Car

Suppose the car you booked is no longer available. Undoubtedly, the company will replace it with an upgrade for the same cost you previously booked the other car. If you get a smaller car, ask for a refund because the price of a big and small car isn't the same. Also, check for damages on the car before driving off and ensure it is written on the record. Counter check the damages against those recorded and if there are more damages ensure someone from the company agrees to record them.

Returning the Car Rental

After a fancy exploration of the country, you have to return the car at the time you agreed upon rental day. So, when you return the car, check for damages alongside someone from the company. If there are no new damages, get the same written on the signed receipt as it proves you won't have to pay an extra fee. Additionally, check the fuel level and ensure it is at the same level as the previous or according to fuel policy. If you return the vehicle with less fuel as agree, the company will charge you more from your car, and it's much more than the market fuel fee. Finally, check whether there is an extra cost taken from your card and inquire about it. Ask for documents supporting the additional charges and if you're not happy with the fees, dispute it with your card company. 

Take-Home Tip

Car sharing is the best way to nip through the country to a meeting, weekend holiday or any getaway. Step back and look at different car hire companies and critically evaluate the available options before choosing the one that works best in your situation.

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