Pads, spare wheels… what the law says

In most cases, car journeys go smoothly, but from time to time problems such as a flat tire can occur. Indeed, no one is safe from a puncture of one or more tires, whether due to a defective tire or a sharp object on the road. In this type of case, having a spare wheel in the trunk is strongly recommended for each motorist, otherwise they may have to wait for a tow truck for several hours.

Spare wheel: it is not mandatory but necessary

According to the texts of the road legislation, there is no law requiring motorists to possess a spare wheel in their car while driving, and there is no penalty for the absence of a spare wheel. It is therefore not necessary to have a spare wheel, but a spare wheel is recommended to be able to change its wheel in case a puncture or a burst of one of the wheels occurs. The roadworthiness test, too, can be passed without having a spare wheel. However, in the event of a puncture, the driver is obliged to wait for a tow truck if he does not have a spare wheel, as it is forbidden to drive with tyres in poor condition. In the event of checks, the vehicle will be immobilised by the police and a fine of up to 750 euros may be issued to the driver.

Cake or complete wheel which one to choose?

There are two different types of spare wheels. The complete wheel, a wheel of the same type as the one already installed, once in place, it can only be used for a short period of time, as it has not been used for a long time and the pressure it generates may not be sufficient to drive safely over a long period. There is also the cake, a wheel with a smaller gauge that allows the driver to go to a nearby garage to install a complete wheel. Vehicles equipped with a galette may not exceed 80 km/h speed.

What is the purpose of the spare wheel?

The spare wheel is a wheel used to replace, if necessary, a wheel that has deteriorated over time or by a sharp object. The equipment necessary for its installation must always accompany it, i.e. a jack and a wheel key.
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