How to use battery cables?

With your car refusing to start because of a broken battery, you wonder if it's time to change it. The time may not be yet at this stage, the most recommended trick in such a situation is to use battery cables. You too can try it in the following simple way, with the help of some materials, you only must pay attention to a few manipulations.

Collect the tools

Since the battery is the energy source that powers the car, it has a positive and a negative terminal. You therefore need 2 battery cables to connect to these two terminals, as well as 4 alligator clips at each end. Also known as a starter cable, this equipment must be in accordance with the capacity of the battery, make sure you have it before you get it. But for the operation to work, you also need another battery that works well in another car. In any case, a car that has trouble starting could mean a faulty battery and to be sure, you can always seek the advice of a specialist like Hakma Depann

Connect the cables

But before you use a professional, you can always try to boost the energy of the low battery using the other's by placing the two cars face to face. First, make sure that no electrical consumers are switched on for both cars and that they do not touch each other. When these conditions are met, connect the end of each cable by connecting the positive terminals together and the negative ones together as well. Before starting a car, make sure that the cables are away from the drive belt and the fan. Wait 2 minutes after starting the donor car before starting the broken-down car.

Be careful! Be careful!

This approach seems relatively simple, but it requires certain precautions, such as avoiding that the two vehicles do not touch each other. In relation to the clamps, make sure on one side that they are not connected to the same battery at the same time and on the other side that they do not come into contact to avoid sparks. So, if after this solution, you don't succeed in starting your car, it's time to think about changing the battery. However, before replacing the battery, the advice of a trusted specialist is always valuable. After all, these professionals offer car battery troubleshooting services at home for a good diagnosis.
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