The fuel shortage, the classic classic

A fuel shortage is a predictable situation, however almost all drivers have already experienced it at least once in their lives despite the symptoms. Generally, the driver knows how much his car consumes, whereas certain difficult circumstances are likely to change the situation. In the event of such an incident, below is how it can be managed.

Signs of fuel breakdown

Fuel shortage is the second most frequent failure after the one related to the electrical system. However, the fuel warning light warns 70 km to 100 km before the breakdown, which is why it is often people who want to push the limits of their car who fall into this situation. Because, if after this warning, it is only intermittent bumps that are gradually felt along 1 to 3 km before the vehicle stops permanently. This is a sign that deposits at the end of the tank are clogging it up. In such circumstances while being isolated, and its specialists will be able to help you. In all circumstances, other factors that aggravate consumption deserve attention.

Risk of over-consumption, among other things

Poor fuel quality such as the presence of water or additives frequently causes pain to some drivers, but these are not the only unsuspected factors that increase fuel consumption and can lead to car towing. An anomaly in the ignition, wheels such as when they are under-inflated, wide or parallelism, in the segments or the clutch will surely cause a loss of power. In the same way that driving, poor maintenance or aerodynamics do cause overconsumption. As well as air conditioning in periods of high heat, whose consumption can reach 0.5 litres per cent.

Adapt to the situation

The context usually defines the reaction to a fuel shortage, which implies that auto troubleshooting is not the solution when, by chance, you are a few steps from a gas station, you just have to push it, but you have to be accompanied. If, on the other hand, the breakdown occurs on a motorway, you must call from the nearest terminal to have an intervention team sent there. It is responsible for towing the vehicle to a service station located at a limit of 5 km after the highway. Since the cost of repairing the car on the latter is fixed, it is possible to be reimbursed by your insurance company. This will be done, with the assistance guarantee subscribed and with a copy of the invoice.
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